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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Assalamu'alaikum semua...

Alamak hari ni aku ada kursus pasal PC Manitenance, oi best ba banyak pengetahuan juga tau la aku no pembingung sikit...ok nanti aku update lg. Bulih tahan juga kwn kita di UMTP ni bulih kasi lecture lagi..Tabik Inspektor Sahab...Heee

Teruskan geng

Ui...dia punya backup serius ba

semangat kawan2 dengar tu kursus yang best SEMANGAT teruskan kasi buat ni UMS IT . ok tengah dengar ceramah lagi ni .nnti aku update

Monday, November 3, 2008

How To Upgrade HP2133

Its good that i found this link. I was just to survey about the performence and capability of this mininote as i thought maybe want to buy one. Actualy i buyed for my friend already but don have much time to test everything.but i think the softwar and os run smoothly. i don know other application. try this link if you one to learn how to upgrade. before that you must know capability of that mininote as u suggest to upgrade high tools.

gud luck

Sunday, November 2, 2008

PC FAIR 2008

PC Fair is coming back. But now in Kompleks Sukan Likas Kota Kinabalu. As you all know the price actually no deference with the normal price. But a lot of free give you will get. Maybe a few gadget price maybe got discount. try survey on my picture price that I take on 1st day opening exhibition.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Acer Aspire One
Mini Note Book PC
- Windows XP Home Edition
- Intel Mobile Technology
- Intel Atom Processor N270
- 1.6 GHz , 512 KB L2 , 533 MHz FSB
- 802.11bg Wireless
- 8.9" WSVGA Wide Screen LCD
- Intel GMA 950 32 MB Shared
- 1 GB DDR2 533 MHz RAM
- 160 GB Hard Disk Drive
- High Speed LAN Connection
- Built in Webcam + Mic
- Acer Multimedia Card Reader
- Acer Multimedia Stereo Speaker
- Optional DVD Super Multi DL Drive*
RM 1,499 + Free Gift

HP2133 MiniNote
Note Book PC
- Windows Vista Home Basic
- VIA Mobile Technology
- VIA C7-M PRocessor
- 1.2 GHz , 128 KB L2 , 800 MHz FSB
- 802.11bg Wireless
- 8.9" WXGA Wide Screen LCD
- VIA Chrome 9 Graphic
- 2 GB DDR2 667 MHz RAM
- 120 GB SATA Hard Disk Drive
- High Speed LAN
- Built in Webcam + Mic
- 5 in 1 Multimedia Card Reader
- Multimedia Stereo Speaker
- Extreme slim design
RM 1,599 + Free Gift

Asus EEEPC 900
Note Book PC
- Windows XP Home Edition
- Intel Mobile Technology
- Intel Celeron Mobile Processor
- 900 MHz , 512 KB L2 , 533 MHz FSB
- 802.11bg Wireless
- 8.9" WXGA Wide Screen LCD
- Intel 945GM 32 MB Shared
- 1 GB DDR2 667 MHz RAM
- 30 GB Hard Disk Drive
- High Speed LAN
- Built in Webcam + Mic
- Weight 0.98 KG Super Light
- Multimedia Stereo Speaker
- Stylish and Multi Colour Design
RM 1,299 + Free Gift

you all can survey price on this side
available at karamunsing 3rd floor

Thursday, September 18, 2008

We are in the end or 2008 for the beginning of 2009. the questions in our mind is how much we know about IT,komputer, all everything that connect to the global issue of ICT. In our life we just think that everything enough. We learn about MS OFFICE in college, in short courses and maybe school or among our good friend. is't enough what we learn? can we easily teach other.? can we use faster with the tools.? all kind of this questions should be thinked.

In my opinion of learn IT, or knowing ICT is just we need to try,feel and read. Using our finger we can actualy learn . we had Internet, WWW, blog that discuss about this important knowledge. No need to shy.

Maaf jika bahasa English saya teruk. cuma apa yang ingin saya sampaikan disini, tidak kira apa pun masalah tentang kekurangan pada diri kita , kita perlu hadapi dan cuba terus mencuba. Memahami IT bukan perkara yg susah amat senang jika kita berusaha. seperti saya zaman skolah amat malas mempelajari English hingga kini menyebabkan saya kurang memahaminya. cuma saya usahakan juga. ok la hanya sedikit coloteh pembukaan..Salam Ramadhan pada Semua.sekian.